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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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supervisor kim: good afternoon, and welcome to the rules committee for thursday, september 15. i am joined by supervisor farrell and supervisor elsbernd. madame clerk, are there any announcements? think the. please call item no. 1? >> item number one, reappointment, entertainment commission, audrey joseph. item number two, motion rejecting the mayor's nomination for reappointment of audrey joseph to the entertainment commission. supervisor kim: thank you. if you could please, to the
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microphone. we ask all applicants and to speak about your experience relating to the commission which you are nominated or applying for. then we will go to public comment. thank you so much for being here. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am honored to stand in front of you today as the nominee for the entertainment commission. i am a county member and i have a lot of institutional knowledge with regard to the commission. my lifetime experience is in all aspects of the constituency. the entertainment commission it is unique in that everyone involved has a seat at the table. we have police representatives and industry representatives. but my skills span not only nightclubs but festivals, recording music, lighting,
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sound, and the logistics of the industry and all of its moving parts. i have worked hard on the commission to contribute and support the modification which enabled the entertainment commission to to a better job. i assisted in drafting a law that required security plans. i helped institute the castro business plan, which allowed businesses to come into compliance without penalty. and i was part of the north beach airport. the thing i am most proud of is that i helped ensure a positive and collaborative relationship with the san francisco police department and entertainment commission. going forward, my goals are to implement modern technology to better manage entertainment and its relationship to the city, in both sound technology and social
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networking. this past summer, we saw the least amount of violence that is nightclub-related in memory, and i hope to help set the standard going forward. and i am here to answer your questions. supervisor kim: thank you. i want to reiterate that i heard the statement from the staff of the entertainment commission, and i congratulate all of the clubs and your work on the commission to ensure that we had a violence-free summer at our nightclubs. that is a huge accomplishment and something that we want to continue. any follow-up questions? all right, thank you so much for your service on the commission. at this time, we opened up for public comment. if you would like to speak on this item, please line up. we are giving to minutes. hi. >> good afternoon, i am richard, the metro division commander from the police department. i have been in that role since
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may 18 this year. in that capacity, i am the department liaison to the entertainment committee and the entertainment commission. the chief asked me to stop by today and make myself available should you have questions about the workings of the relationship between the police department and the commission, and also to weigh and specifically with regard to commissioner joseph and our interactions with her. i will move on with a couple of bullet points, and i will speak from my now four months of this job. it is my personal views. i can say the commissioner brings a great deal of venue and security experience to our work together. the amount of leadership is interesting. my first meeting there, i was given a couple of instructions. they were good instructions and good advice, but i would say that she is a trainer.
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from her advice, we joined in with them and the entertainment commission and the nighttime entertainment community for an entertainment some that that was bringing in all of the police districts that have had entertainment issues and breaking off into groups with industry folks. out of that came recommendation strongly supported by commissioner joseph to have a focus on security, nighttime security at these venues. following that, we had 60 members, 60 folks who provide security at inched handed venues, with the hope -- with the help of joslin kaine and commissioner joseph, we brought them together and talked about training and cross training, things they could learn from them and things that are from us. if i could have 15 more seconds? commissioner joseph asked in the
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middle of that, could we train? it had always been a dicey area. in truth, we had figured out that we to collaborate and that has been a driving force. we both support commissioner joseph and say the relationship is good and we have had a violence-free summer, and we will continue working with that and the industry groups. also, since we are on tv, and the people interested in safety and public safety issues -- and the people interested in safety and public safety issues in town can follow us online, and we will keep you apprised of what is going on around town so you can manage those risks. we appreciate the support from the entertainment commission. supervisor kim: thank you for taking the time being here today. i'd love to learn more about
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how the summer was so successful. thank you. next speaker, please? >> good afternoon, supervisors. by name is steven lee, general manager and one of the general partners at blass cat. audrey joseph and i have been friends since the mid-1980s. i am a club owner now, 12 years. i knew audrey when she used to do my balloon drops. she used to be in the decorating business, so as a person who knows what is going on and entertainment, she has been in the field as long as i have. as far as industry representatives, she is probably the most knowledgeable person, and probably the one that we go to when we have issues, and she always gives us very interesting advice, or i get yelled at or
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whatever, but she is the backbone. as a club representative, i would definitely have audrey joseph still on the board. supervisor kim: thank you. i also wanted to acknowledge the security, speaking about that time safety. i know you have done a lot to keep our neighborhood safe at south of market, and i appreciate and recognize his work. >> walter was our head of security for seven years and passed away unexpectedly. thank you. it supervisor kim: thank you. >> hello, i am the director of pride. i have worked with audrey personally since 2006 through pride, most recently on this year's pride event. over the six years we have known each other, she is extremely committed to the community, very
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in tune with the various needs of the community and how to strike the correct balance of those needs. we all know sometimes safety and entertainment are not always the best, but i know that audrey understands the intricacies and the needs of this community, as well as the community diversity. i think that skill set, along with her historical knowledge, is one of the things that makes her unique and one of the reasons why her tenure on the commission has been so successful. i want to offer my personal endorsement. she has been tremendously helpful to the community. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. >> i am tom murphy, co-chair of the efficacy committee for the recording academy. it has been over two years since we have been actively involved with the entertainment commission, and i just want to take this time to the
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acknowledged that all agree brings a unique combination -- audrey brings a unique combination of depth of experience and ways to improve the entire acta system, a balanced with the ability to listen to all of the various constituent groups. and listen constructively to hear what all of the different audiences needs are. she provides a great deal of leadership and balance to the commission, and i look forward to her continued presence in the commission. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you, mr. murphy. are there any other public speakers at this time? seeing none, public, is now closed. bridget public comment is now closed. any comments? i am proud to support the reappointment of audrey joseph, and i know speaking with many venue owners and district 6 they
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highly regard your advocacy and promotion and also your balance in communicating with neighbors and working with sfpd to ensure that we are promoting safe night life that is fully in compliance. i appreciate all of your work in district 6. that is the one i am most intimately knowledgeable of. i want to recognize that joslin is here from the entertainment commission. thank you for all of your work on that. colleagues, we have a motion to move forward item number one. i believe that we tabled by the number two? all right, so i believe that we can do this without opposition. thank you very much, mr. joseph. madam clerk, item three? >> item three, appointment, veteran affairs commission, hearing to consider appointing one member, term ending january 31, 2014, to the veterans affairs commission. there is one apartment.
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>> i am deborah dacumos, and i this retired in november, 2010, after over 30 years and the army. i joined the reserves, and i have been in the reserves ever since. my unit is still deployed. they are in afghanistan as we speak. this is their second deployment. i am very, very -- i know, very emotional as far as being able to support the veterans. one of my soldiers will be veterans, i want to be there for them. my mission of being on the commission is hopefully to work with the departments and have a project of the arts. we are in the veterans building, and we have the war memorial.
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my vision is having music, dance, the library, workshops, to be a venue for our veterans to express their emotions. that is one way that i feel would be a good way, even for the families, to actually come in with their children and work together and heal the wounds they have. and hopefully have that in the veterans building. that is a vision i have. the other thing i have done, when i was in the military, is actually working with san francisco's medical response system. i want to utilize the skills and knowledge of our veterans to be part of that system in the city. we were actually talking about the civic center. maybe that is something we can put together. those are our missions.
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supervisor kim: thank you so much for the presentation, and also for some of your great ideas for the commission. are there any questions for colleagues? at this time, we will open up for public comment. please step up. two minutes. good to see you here today. >> hi, supervisors. in stephen, commissioner and secretary to the veterans affairs commission. i have been in support of the appointment of colonel dacum os to this commission since i found out about her qualifications and availability. particularly, when i found that she is a resident of san francisco. she meets every qualification, and her background is astoundingly perfect for our commission in that she has
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seasoned experience, 20-year career in the healing area, starting as a nurse in the army and working her way up to colonel, all sorts of administrative areas, and at the same time she has a great connection with the number of veterans. she has those folks who are deployed, worked with junger veterans in her command who have served -- with junger veterans in her command who have served, and she has great communication skills with them. that particularly is what she brings to this commission. also, after coming only to two meetings, she put her finger directly on an important issue. she said the issue is access to the building and competition with performing arts in an e- mail to me. that access and that issue being a tidal wave that is coming up in the next few years, happening right now, which is the
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attention for space on a permanent basis with in the war memorial veterans building. what she brings, in particular, is an attitude and feeling that the building is big, there is space enough for both communities, and to reach out and make connections between the veterans community and the arts community and make it an accommodation rather than a battle. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you, commissioner. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is wallace, and i am a past president of the veterans affairs commission, and i am proud to be a commissioner. i am the only korean war veteran on the commission presently. i wanted to say that the commission, and its 28 year history, has always had a problem getting women veterans to apply for the commission.
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we have a mandate that we must have three women. those watching this on tv in city hall or in the room here, if you know of women veterans, please get them to get their applications in. we have had two openings, one for one and a half years, the other four two years. in the history of the commission, there have only been for asian americans on the commission. this candidate will be the fifth asian placed on the commission. she will be the third filipino- american on the commission, and she will be the first filipino- american on the commission. i did not come here today because of that information. i came here today to support this highly qualified american veteran who will be a tremendous asset and great addition to the
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commission. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you, commissioner, for being here. is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public, it is now closed. any questions from colleagues? supervisor elsbernd: thank you for coming forward and applying. we have had a lack of women applicants, and thank you for your service in the military and coming forward and i look forward to working together for years to come. i would be happy to make a motion to move forward. supervisor kim: great, i wanted to add my appreciation for a plan for this position. i know it is challenging to find women representatives to the veterans commission, and it seems like he will bring a lot of energy and great ideas. i note it is a huge concern for our city as our young soldiers are coming back from their
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current operations going on in the middle east that they come back to a city where they find housing and jobs. we know many veterans often end up homeless, and we want as much as possible to be proactive about soldiers coming back. we appreciate all of your thoughts, and thank you so much for applying, and i'm happy to support this. supervisor elsbernd: it will not be a committee report. that is a motion to move forward with recommendations. supervisor kim: we have a motion to move forward with recommendations. thank you so much. madam clerk, can you please call item 4? >> item four, hearing to consider appointing four members, terms ending november 19, 2012, to the bicycle advisory committee. supervisor kim: we reached out to all of the applicants and only one could make it today. we like to continue this item to
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ensure the directive, but we want mr. tilles to comment. or he is not here today. he was the only appointee to confirm. ok. i guess we will open up for public comment on this item, then. seeing none, it is now closed. colleagues, i am more than happy to continue this item. i realize you may be familiar with your appointees, if you would like to move them forward. i believe that all of them are rhee appointments -- are reappointments to the seats. i feel comfortable knowing -- ok, great. so we have a motion to move all four applicants for to come up with recommendation. i believe we can do that
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without opposition. they have all been nominated by their district supervisor and are currently members of the bicycle advisory committee and will be continuing on to another term. so we do that without opposition. thank you. madam clerk, item five? a>> item five, hearing to consider appointing four members, terms ending july 17, 2013, to the reentry council. but there are four seats, 15 applicants. supervisor kim: thank you. i want to express my appreciation for all of the work that was done in advance. we have 15 applicants, for seats. i wanted to say to the applicant's here today, it was an incredible honor to read all of your applications and responses to the questions. you have led amazing lives and have amazing stories, and i want to appoint all of you to the
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reentry council, but i appreciate your leadership and advocacy and work on working with the formally incarcerated to ensure housing, employment, and it was an honor to learn of all of your stories in the process. >> thank you so much for hearings for seats 1 at 34. i am jessica, staff of the reentry council. you have three things before you, a brief memo with a list of applicants and the seats for which each are eligible, and also a fact sheet about the reentry council and a roster of correct councilmembers. the addition of the reentry council is to support adults coming back from our san francisco county jails, state prisons, and federal prisons. a critical part of this council are the seats dedicated to formally incarcerated people so that we can have their expertise
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and direct experience to inform how we can improve the policies and programs related to reentry. your current appointments are - - mary and gerald have applied for reappointment and are before your commission today. seats 1 through 4, all require that they have been an inmate in the jail. see 2 must have experience providing two individuals in the justice system because it is important that service provider perspective at the table. seat 3 is an individual who must have been released from custody within the last two years. it is a board that a recent experienced incarceration. the seat 4 is dedicated with somebody who has multiple
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experiences of incarceration, because sadly that is the more typical experience is to recidivate. his support to have that reflected on the council. that said, these individuals have met the eligibility. they will talk to you about their qualifications, which are deep and varied, and i am available to answer any questions you have. thank you. supervisor kim: 94 all of your work on this. at this time, we will call up all of the applicants in the order that you are listed on the agenda. first, we have panora roomel. >> hi, supervisors. my name is panora, and i believe i qualified for seat 1, 3, and four.
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i have been incarcerated on different levels, a couple of times in county jail, and i have previously been released within two years, march 17, 2010. i feel like i qualify for this job because someone at the community justice center has been telling me i've been doing this a long time, anyway, helping people, even when i was going through my situation. i put together packages for people who were leaving before myself, and they successfully made it out, and a couple of them are still doing good maintaining themselves. i believe i am good for this job because i can relate to different people on all levels. but excuse me, i am nervous speaking here. supervisor kim: you are doing
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fine. >> all my life, people have come to me, i am easy to talk to, and very resourceful. if i don't know, i will research. i have no problem with that. it i love helping people. that is just the type of person i am naturally. then, since being incarcerated, i have integrated these other things into my lives. first, dealing with the individual, what their needs are, and then just taking it from there. supervisor kim: thank you. >> so i am the stand you guys may have questions. supervisor kim: any questions? thank you. we got your application light, and we knew you are eligible for seat 1, but could we confirm her
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eligibility for the of the seats? we could confirm that. thank you. >> on the supplemental application, she indicated she had experience providing service to individuals, and that is it a qualifier for seat 2. supervisor kim: okay, thank you very much. next, we have kathleen culhane. she informed our office should not make it, but i wanted to make sure. nicholas gregoratos. ok, we will call him later. mary campbell? >> good afternoon. i am mary campbell. i have served two years on the reentry council and i would be honored to serve another two years. and my qualifications are, yes, i was in prison.
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but also, the importance of my being on the council is i have a lot of experience, unfortunately, and domestic violence and women's issues. and mothers being incarcerated issues. that is important, because of women in prison, most of the offenses are related to trauma, domestic violence. i would say as high as 80%, but i did not know it if that is the exact statistics. it is support for women to have a voice to war victims of domestic violence, and i would be honored to serve and. supervisor kim: thank you, ms. campbell. next, we have kimberly courtney. and then that we have kevin joseph. -- and then we have kevin joseph. >> hi,


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